Onlyfans tips 2

My original onlyfans tips post has been surprisingly popular so I wanted to expand on that post with a new post that focuses more on Onlyfans Terms of Service (TOS)

Onlyfans is always updating its terms of service, and I can bet that most of you have never looked at them, which is cool, reading legal jargon is far from sexy. So I wanted to just highlight some of the major points that its good to know so you don’t piss off your fave content creator.

here’s a link to them so you can fact check me if you want

So first up MEETS

You may have noticed you can’t type the word “meet” on Onlyfans, that’s because it’s prohibited to arrange meets via onlyfans, and will result in profiles being deleted if it is discussed. Prostitution is illegal in the USA, and it is illegal to advertise prostitution in the UK. As a result Onlyfans does not want the platform to be used to facilitate prostitution. Twitter and Instagram also have the same TOS, so don’t message your fave content creator there to discus it either. None of us want to risk getting our accounts shut down. So don’t be surprised if you’re met with angry or cryptic responses on any of these platforms if you’re asking about meeting.

So what should you do? I highly recommend just doing your own research, most creators will post a link tree in their bios with links to website like AdultWork, Slixa, Tryst with the details you’re looking for. You can also try googling. The safest form of contact is via email, which would be my recommendation. It is however against Onlyfans terms to give out direct contact details for free so again check out links in bios and social media to see if you can find an email address.

Its probably also worth briefly mentioning what types of videos shouldn’t be on Onlyfans such as watersports, lack or consent or drugs, I’ll post the whole list below. So again don’t be surprised if someone is reluctant to discus any of these topics below, again its just not worth putting our accounts at risk.

These are probably the two biggest points to be aware of, and I hope it helps you navigate conversations a bit more effectively going forwards.

Comment below or drop me an email if you have any other questions about onlyfans you’d like answered

Thanks for reading

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Tips for using onlyfans

So onlyfans doesn’t really come with any kind of help manual as such, for the fans or for the models, I frequently just have a poke about and try things out and discover new stuff all the time. So I thought I’d make this blog post to help share some knowledge and help you get more out of your subscription!

Before we get started you’ll need to head to a specific profiles feed to access these functions. You can do this by heading to if you wanted to head to my feed. You can also do this my clicking the models name in your feed if their post pops up. See picture below if your not quite sure what I mean! Any questions comment below and I’ll try and help!

Search function Many of you may not have even noticed the search function, check arrow no. 1 in the picture below if your not sure where it is. It’s the little magnifying glass. It’s pretty basic but can be helpful if your looking for something specific. It’s not very good at figuring out similar words. For example if you search ‘squirt’, but I posted “omg I squirted” it wouldn’t find it. You’d have to type ‘squirted’. So bare that in mind when using the search function. I’m going to try and add search terms to my captions to make it easier for you to find what your looking for!

Vault. Ok so the vault is a separate feed that models can save feed posts to. Most models don’t utilise it at all, and the ones that do tend to use it differently. You can find it by clicking the little folder icon marked by arrow no. 2 on the picture above. I personally use it as a little video store, where you can find trailers to some of my premium full length sex tapes with instructions on how to message me for the full video. I’m still working on fleshing out this feature but you can find some of my classics there if you have missed them! It’s all really transparent with film duration and price clearly displayed. Just send me a message with the # displayed with the trailer and I’ll send you the video to unlock. I prefer to send it locked rather than accepting a tip for the reasons below.

P2V vs tipping. Some of you may have already worked this out. When you unlock a video / pay to view (P2V) the video appears in your purchased tab (see image below if you haven’t spotted the purchased tab) these videos will remain in your purchased tab for as long as you have your account ( in theory anyway, we all know how glitchy onlyfans can be) however if you tip for a video and the video is sent unlocked, if you unsubscribe from that profile the chat and the videos sent will all disappear! So as a result it’s better for fans to unlock rather than tip. Not to over complicate things but I’m always happy to lock custom videos so you don’t lose them, the minimum I can lock a video for is $3 so I’m happy to take $3 off the custom price you pay upfront, and then lock the video for $3 when I send it so you don’t lose it!

Photo/ video grid. Check out arrow no.3 from the picture I posted above earlier. Clicking the photo or video icon will display the models feed instagram style, which can make it quite a bit easier to scan through posts to find what your looking for. See image below to see what I mean

I should also mention the little icon of three lines next to the search icon. This can help refine what posts are displayed, check out the picture below to see the kind of options you can use

Tipping. Ok this isn’t a function as such, but worth mentioning. Tipping can greatly enhance your experience. I personally do reply to everyone but people that send me tips with their message get more of my attention and I’ll invest more effort into my replies to them. It doesn’t have to be a lot but it truly is appreciated and makes me feel valued and I’m sure other models feel the same. Whilst on the subject of tipping I’m sure your all aware that sending tips can be glitchy, so if sending a tip to my inbox isn’t working, I’m also happy for you to try tipping a post instead, both ways are received by me in the same away.

Like and comment again not so much a feature but very important. It really helps models if you engage with their posts. ‘Likes’ help boost our profile and shows new fans how good the posts are, and comments provide very helpful feed back on what to post in the future. I try to read every single comment I receive and try to take it on board the next time I’m filming! So please do interact with posts! I also love seeing interactions between my fans on my posts, so please don’t be afraid to interact with each other a bit when appropriate.

Set a username finally I highly recommend setting a personalised username and a profile picture. It’s really hard to keep track of hundreds of ‘u987668’ with no profile pictures. It doesn’t have to be your real name or your face. Just something so you stick in my mind and I can recall our previous conversations easier. You see lots of me, but your profile picture and username is all I can see of you, so make sure it stands out!

I hope this has been helpful, any question drop them below in the comments or send me an email if you’d rather reach out privately. Also let me know if you’d like more tips like this, but on different platforms, like pornhub for example.

As a thank you for getting to the end of this blog, here is a free trial to my onlyfans, even if your already subscribed you can still claim xx

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