Going black only

You may or may not know that I have been black only since 2018. I believe my last porn scene with white guys was for Legal Porno. In fact I think the legal porno shoot was the only company I shoot with white guys in 2018. You’ll notice in all my scenes leading up to this that I am far more drawn to the black men in my scenes.

2017 for SplatBukkake

I started my porn career in 2013 and didn’t have a say in who I was having sex on camera with. It was difficult for me to make the decision to go black only as it would mean hardly working for any companies, which led me to focus on creating my own videos so I could focus purely on interracial. Since making this decision I’ve only shot a handful of scenes (interracial of course). One for legal Porno, one for Evil Angel and one for Joy Bear (Joybear still to be released)

Evil Angel 2019

I grew up in a very rural part of the UK and there was only one black family in my whole school. None of which were in my school year. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s and moved into the city that I really started to meet black men. I vividly remember a black Photogrpaher I use to shoot with a lot and how my pussy would literally be dripping wet while I’d pose for his camera. Here are some examples of a shoot I did for him in 2010

From that experience onwards I knew I was more attracted to black men, but due to the norms of my upbringing and the circles I socialised in I still continued to date white guys until 2016! I was always left feeling very unfulfilled in every possible way! Always undermined, sex was always one sided (in their favour) they were always threatened by my independence and strong point of views. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to step away from what was expected of me, and do what was right for me!

Despite not being black only until 2018 I had lots of great experiences whilst at University, if not slightly clique. Such as fucking my hot black personal trainer at my local gym. I’d also used dating apps and sites like fab swingers to find local guys to hook up with, I also attended BMFC (black man fan club) an event for women to meet black men, which was always good fun!

In 2017 after giving up white guys in my private life, but still not cutting ties in my professional porn life, I got my QOS tattoo, whilst I was in Las Vegas. I guess this was a big turning point for me and within a few months I had made the jump to stop shooting with white guys as well.

This was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m sure there has been a notable improvement in my videos since having the sex I want to have on camera rather than what I’m told to do. I feel so lucky to be able to travel the world hooking up with incredibly hot men!

I’m not going to lie, being an adult actress has definitely given me access to some of the most beautiful black guys around the world! Jason Luv, Rob Piper, Louis Smalls, and Richard Mann to name a few!

King Louie Smalls

I’m so glad I went black only, I have lost fans over it, but I have gained many that I value so much more! I love the messages a receive regularly from men and women saying I gave them the courage to take the jump too! I will continue with my black only life style and be loud and proud about it.

Super delayed February catch up and anal Q&A


First up, sorry for the super delayed February blog, I think I’ve just made it in time. It’s been a crazy month, as I turned 30 towards the end of Jan, then moved out of my London apartment earlier this month, and have been in the USA for the last couple of weeks. A little more on that later though.

I also have done a few porn shoots, some of you may have seen my new DAP Legal porno scene? I shot two scenes for them, the other one was a DAP pissing scene that should be released soon so keep an eye out for that if that’s your thing. The shoot also seem to trigger a bunch of anal questions so I figured I’d finish’s this blog with some of those questions.

I also did Female Fake Taxi with Mira Cuckold, I rarely do GG as I love dick, and girls are lacking in that department. It was a hot scene and should go live in a next few weeks.

So right now I am in New York City, I flew out to America a couple of weeks ago starting in Dallas, which I can’t say I loved, I then moved on to Nashville, which I loved! Such a cool city, the Johnny Cash museum was awesome.

I also randomly got invited to the Nashville Predators ice hockey game which was fun. I also discovered bushwhackers (basically a bourbon spiked milkshake), and bourbon with iced tea! Definitely a new fav! I’ve been in and around NY and New Jersey the last few days, and will be here for another week. I was suppose to be heading to Florida after but things haven’t quite worked out and I’m heading home early.

On my return I will be relocating to Bristol. I grew up in the South West, so it seems natural to move to Bristol. I’m also super geeky about organic food and farming and Bristol is all over that so I may even look for a job relevant to my degree. Obviously I’d not give up the various lines of sex work though. I’ll still be visiting London on at least a month basis.

I’ve got some new interracial videos coming up on my ManyVids. Including anal for the first time on my MV site. So keep an eye for that! Adreena_winters.manyvids.com

Talking of anal here are those questions…

Anal Q&A

Does getting your ass hole tongued or fingered as prostrate massage make men partly gay?

*Rolls eyes* I am fairly certain it’s being attracted to men that makes you gay, or bi, not the fact that you enjoy having a pleasure spot stimulated.

Weirdly I get similar comments from my DP scenes and the fact the guys dicks are touching inside my ass. I personally don’t care about what sexuality the guys identify as. In fact I love watching bi porn. I will never get my head around why all women are assumed to be bi (which I am not) yet all guys are are still expected to be super straight. Society will for ever baffle me I guess.

Can women actually truly enjoy anal sex?

Ha, I actually saw a forum post the other day titled “why do women in porn pretend to enjoy anal sex?” Which made me laugh out loud. I’ve always been open minded about anal, the guy I lost my virginity to I asked to fuck my ass. To me it’s always been natural. I genuinely do enjoy it, it feels good, girls and guys both have the same anatomy there, including the p-spot. I also enjoy the feeling of balls gently slapping my wet pussy as their dicks in my ass. So personally yes I love anal sex. I can’t however speak for all women. If your not relaxed it an’t gunna be any fun, it’s just gunna hurt. If the guy is clueless and just rams it in dry, again, not gunna be fun. Always use lube!

Can woman orgasm through anal sex alone or does there need to be clit or pussy stimulation too?

Personally I can’t, but I don’t orgasm from pussy penetration alone either. All of us women are different, I believe in some cases both men and women can come from anal

Is anal sex safe?

Well you can’t make babies, so that’s one risk avoided verses vaginal sex. Obviously you can still contact STI’s from anal just the same as in the pussy. Anal can also have higher risk of tearing which can add to risk of STIs. So basically use lube to avoid tearing, and always use condoms to protect against STIs. If your trying for a baby, your not doing it right.

I also suggest avoid going from ass to pussy with out cleaning your dick, unless your keen on giving women UTI’s.

Would you ever choose anal over vaginal if you could only do one?

Haha, to be honest I probably do cum quicker from anal than vaginal, but I’m not sure my ass could cope long term with the amount of sex I have!

So that your questions answered, but I also wanted to give you a little insight into the kinda prep that goes into doing a scene like the one I did for Legal porno. Warning, this an’t pretty. I just worry that many of you see this extreme anal stuff and think all women are just ready for this kinda action at any given moment. Which is not the case.

So, this is how I prep, I’m not saying it’s the best way, or even the correct way. If anyone wants to give advice I’m all ears.

So for me the day before I watch what I eat, usually no meat, and limited fibre. In fact for Legal porno I just drank diet shakes the day before. I know others girls do the opposite and up their fibre intake. So like I said don’t take what I say as gospel. For me personally I just wanna be as empty as possible with out being hungry.

The day of the scene I won’t eat at all until after the scene. I like to have a coffee as soon as I wake up as I know it will help me empty what’s left in my bowels (told you this wasn’t gunna be pretty) other girls however avoid coffee on shoot day as they wanna avoid simulating any bowel movement. After my coffee, I’ll go to the toilet and “empty my bowels” after this I will then do an enema. Basically emptying a hot water bottle into my ass via a long tube. I try to lie down on a towel on the floor to do this. Once I’m all full of water, I’ll return to the toilet and empty again. I try to relax as much as possible. After this, I’ll take a shower, wash my hair, shave etc ready for the shoot. I try to do my enema around two hours before the scene as some of that water from the enema just likes to lerk for a while inside me and surprise me later on which isn’t ideal on camera.

After my prep I’ll hen pop in a butt plug to help stretch and relax my ass for the big dick that’s gunna be in there later. Then I’ll go to make up and I’ll sit in the make up chair with the plug in the whole time. For Legal porno I had to train my ass to take a big plug as I knew I was gunna be taking two big dicks at the same time.


After my make up ill take some pain killers and some Imodium. I’ll then do a douche. Which is like a little rubber bulb that you fill with water and just cleans the rectum really. I just like to make sure my ass is as clean as poss. I’ll then lube up, and find a male that I’ll be working with to warm me up off camera. Just to get my ass ready and make sure everything is clean.

Then I’ll do the scene. During the scene the guys will be lubing their dicks constantly off camera, they are always well lubed before going in. After the scene I like to insert a suppository usually used for hemmeroids, that will help sterilise and heal my ass after a rough scene.

So as we can see, this is no walk in the park. I’m not saying I do all this every time I take a dick in my ass. Usually just a quick douche will be suffice if I’m just taking an average sized dick for a fairly short amount of time.

As I said if anyone has any other tips, I’d love to hear. I also hope this has been a bit of an eye opener for some. I also hope I haven’t grossed everyone out entirely.

So anyway. That’s if for February, catch up with you again in March!


Ad xx