How to avoid scams

Fortunately as a more established sex worker this isn’t something I have as much of a problem with any more but scams can be a real problem both for sex workers and also for fans of sex workers so I’m going to cover a few of the most common scams and how to avoid them!

Fake profiles!

So one common scam is for a scammer to make a fake profile (catfish) of a popular model then reach out to their fans for help or to sell items that don’t actually exist! Some little tips for spotting fake profiles are

  • How old is the profile? If it’s new the chances are it’s fake.
  • Do they follow way more people than they have follow them? Chances are the scammer has just followed everyone that already follows the real profile!
  • Do they post to their story? It’s quite hard to fake real candid story posts (not impossible though) so if the account doesn’t post to their story chances are it’s fake.
  • Most models know other models in the industry so check for interactions in the comments and stories from other models.
  • It’s also a good idea to check the models official profiles as they will probably post about any fakes!
  • I’m also always happy to receive messages from my fans if they want to check if a profile is real or not!

Fake payments!

This is a problem sex workers have to deal with a lot! Fans reading this may gain some insight into why we can be quite specific about how we receive payment! I can’t begin to explain how degrading and hurtful it is to provide a sexual service to then discover you were scammed and won’t be receiving payment!

Sex workers should always make sure any funds or items sent as payment are received before providing the service. For example some people fake bank or cash app deposit screen shots that will never clear into your account. Some people send amazon wish list items but delay delivery so they can cancel after they have received their service. It’s also worth mentioning Paypal payments for goods and services can be reversed. PayPal isn’t sex worker friendly at all and I don’t recommend it as a payment method.

Another scam to look out for is fans asking for “test video calls” or “preview pictures” before they send payment. You do not need to prove yourself to a fan in this way. 90% of the time they have no intention to pay and are just looking for freebies. I usually point people to my onlyfans if they are looking for recent photos of myself.

I do appreciate that some fans get scammed by paying upfront and then not receiving what they paid for. To avoid this I would recommend doing your research on the model, do they present themselves professionally? Is it in their interest to maintain a good reputation? It should be quite easy to check a models social media and get a good idea as to how likely it is that they will scam you. Most professional sex workers value having a good reputation and it wouldn’t be worth ruining a career over stealing a payment.

I hope this information helps everyone to avoid future scams. Do let me know if you want help or advice on anything else like this.