Tips for using onlyfans

So onlyfans doesn’t really come with any kind of help manual as such, for the fans or for the models, I frequently just have a poke about and try things out and discover new stuff all the time. So I thought I’d make this blog post to help share some knowledge and help you get more out of your subscription!

Before we get started you’ll need to head to a specific profiles feed to access these functions. You can do this by heading to if you wanted to head to my feed. You can also do this my clicking the models name in your feed if their post pops up. See picture below if your not quite sure what I mean! Any questions comment below and I’ll try and help!

Search function Many of you may not have even noticed the search function, check arrow no. 1 in the picture below if your not sure where it is. It’s the little magnifying glass. It’s pretty basic but can be helpful if your looking for something specific. It’s not very good at figuring out similar words. For example if you search ‘squirt’, but I posted “omg I squirted” it wouldn’t find it. You’d have to type ‘squirted’. So bare that in mind when using the search function. I’m going to try and add search terms to my captions to make it easier for you to find what your looking for!

Vault. Ok so the vault is a separate feed that models can save feed posts to. Most models don’t utilise it at all, and the ones that do tend to use it differently. You can find it by clicking the little folder icon marked by arrow no. 2 on the picture above. I personally use it as a little video store, where you can find trailers to some of my premium full length sex tapes with instructions on how to message me for the full video. I’m still working on fleshing out this feature but you can find some of my classics there if you have missed them! It’s all really transparent with film duration and price clearly displayed. Just send me a message with the # displayed with the trailer and I’ll send you the video to unlock. I prefer to send it locked rather than accepting a tip for the reasons below.

P2V vs tipping. Some of you may have already worked this out. When you unlock a video / pay to view (P2V) the video appears in your purchased tab (see image below if you haven’t spotted the purchased tab) these videos will remain in your purchased tab for as long as you have your account ( in theory anyway, we all know how glitchy onlyfans can be) however if you tip for a video and the video is sent unlocked, if you unsubscribe from that profile the chat and the videos sent will all disappear! So as a result it’s better for fans to unlock rather than tip. Not to over complicate things but I’m always happy to lock custom videos so you don’t lose them, the minimum I can lock a video for is $3 so I’m happy to take $3 off the custom price you pay upfront, and then lock the video for $3 when I send it so you don’t lose it!

Photo/ video grid. Check out arrow no.3 from the picture I posted above earlier. Clicking the photo or video icon will display the models feed instagram style, which can make it quite a bit easier to scan through posts to find what your looking for. See image below to see what I mean

I should also mention the little icon of three lines next to the search icon. This can help refine what posts are displayed, check out the picture below to see the kind of options you can use

Tipping. Ok this isn’t a function as such, but worth mentioning. Tipping can greatly enhance your experience. I personally do reply to everyone but people that send me tips with their message get more of my attention and I’ll invest more effort into my replies to them. It doesn’t have to be a lot but it truly is appreciated and makes me feel valued and I’m sure other models feel the same. Whilst on the subject of tipping I’m sure your all aware that sending tips can be glitchy, so if sending a tip to my inbox isn’t working, I’m also happy for you to try tipping a post instead, both ways are received by me in the same away.

Like and comment again not so much a feature but very important. It really helps models if you engage with their posts. ‘Likes’ help boost our profile and shows new fans how good the posts are, and comments provide very helpful feed back on what to post in the future. I try to read every single comment I receive and try to take it on board the next time I’m filming! So please do interact with posts! I also love seeing interactions between my fans on my posts, so please don’t be afraid to interact with each other a bit when appropriate.

Set a username finally I highly recommend setting a personalised username and a profile picture. It’s really hard to keep track of hundreds of ‘u987668’ with no profile pictures. It doesn’t have to be your real name or your face. Just something so you stick in my mind and I can recall our previous conversations easier. You see lots of me, but your profile picture and username is all I can see of you, so make sure it stands out!

I hope this has been helpful, any question drop them below in the comments or send me an email if you’d rather reach out privately. Also let me know if you’d like more tips like this, but on different platforms, like pornhub for example.

As a thank you for getting to the end of this blog, here is a free trial to my onlyfans, even if your already subscribed you can still claim xx

Free Trial

My Top Three Cuckold Videos

Some of you may or may not know that my cuck is also my camera man! For this reason most of my videos have some kind of underlying cuckolding theme! I love being able to look directly at him while I’m fucked by a guy so much bigger than him! I also love to talk directly to him, saying things like “look how much he’s stretching my pussy!” “you could never fuck me like this!” It’s fun knowing he can’t respond; he just has to obediently carry on filming me getting fucked! 

I realise that sometimes it’s tricky to identify which of my videos are the best if you’re looking for cuckolding porn, especially as i’ve never filmed anything with a cuck infront of the camera, so it’s less obvious! So, to help you here is my top 3 favorite cuckold videos!

In at number three is ‘Blacked in Louboutins’

Blacked in Louboutines

I actually met this guy at the gym when I lived in Bristol, he recognised me imedidatly, and came over to talk to me, Iexplained to him we could fuck, but he’d have to be ok with my hubby filming, of course he wasnt going to turn down the chance to fuck me, so he came over to my appartment that evening. My cuck had actually recently bought me some new louboutin boots. What a way to say thank you to him, having a big black bull fuck me right in front of his eyes wearing the expensive shoes. I get fucked all over my living room, ass in the air, drooling all over his big cock, as my cuck just sits and watches the action. By the end my little, hot wifey pussy is fucked wide open and covered in black bull cum and I delight in getting cucky to film a close up of my cum covered gaping pussy and telling him how stretched it is!…

Second place goes to ‘Hotwife, a Cuck, and a Big Black Cock’

Hotwife, a Cuck, and A Big Black Dick

I love this video! It features verbal aimed at humiliating my cuck in front of my sexy big black dicked lover!
My cuck films me getting ready for a hot date and you can listen in to how I speak to my cuck as I prepare to get together with my big black cocked boyfriend. The video then cuts to me with my big black bull on the sofa, I start by sucking his massive dick, telling cucky how much bigger my lovers dick is! Then I bend over and I feel my lovers big black dick slide into my wet pussy, he fucks me bare right in front of my cuckold. Cucky looks on as I tell him how much better my BBC lover is and how his cock is way bigger than my cucky boy. At the end of a serious pounding my bull unloads one of the biggest thickest creampies that I have EVER had, all up inside me! I make my cuckold come up close and show him my leaking cunt and order him to smell all the semen and clean my black fucked hole!

First place has to go to ‘The BlacKING of Adreena’.

The BlacKING of Adreena

So my cuck exceeds himself this time! Not only did he buy me this lingerie for me to get fucked in, in our sexy NYC hotel suite, but he’d also seen on social media that Pro BasketBall player king Loui Smalls was in town, so I immediately slid in his DMs with my hotel details and room number! This video starts with me teasing cucky about not being the one that gets to fuck me in the lingerie he bought me. Loui then shows up who has a monster BBC and uses me in my hotel room with his gigantic black cock. I worship his beautiful black dick in my posh, wet, slobbery mouth and then he proceeds to fuck me all over the room, He dominates me, holding my still while he pounds my pussy hard and deep, cucky unable to do anything as he watches his women, man handled by a man much bigger and stronger than him! I beg loui to cum in my pussy until he unloads all of his fertile semen in my greedy pussy. 

All of these videos have sexy cuckolding verbal, lots of eye contact with cucky and of course my pussy getting filled/covered in cum! If you’re looking for videos from the point of view as a cuckold it doesn’t get any better than my videos! 

Make sure to check them out and drop comments under them letting me know what you thought of them, and which bits you loved the most!

I’m even giving you a 30% discount on these videos! Just use the code: CUCKOLD at the checkout

Not sure which one to check out first? Check out my Cuckold Highlights Compilation for some of the best bits of all three of these epic videos!

You can also find all these video at for just $29.99 a month!

thank you for reading, comment below and let me know if you liked this blog, and if there are other themes you’d like me to give my top 3 of.

Going black only

You may or may not know that I have been black only since 2018. I believe my last porn scene with white guys was for Legal Porno. In fact I think the legal porno shoot was the only company I shoot with white guys in 2018. You’ll notice in all my scenes leading up to this that I am far more drawn to the black men in my scenes.

2017 for SplatBukkake

I started my porn career in 2013 and didn’t have a say in who I was having sex on camera with. It was difficult for me to make the decision to go black only as it would mean hardly working for any companies, which led me to focus on creating my own videos so I could focus purely on interracial. Since making this decision I’ve only shot a handful of scenes (interracial of course). One for legal Porno, one for Evil Angel and one for Joy Bear (Joybear still to be released)

Evil Angel 2019

I grew up in a very rural part of the UK and there was only one black family in my whole school. None of which were in my school year. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s and moved into the city that I really started to meet black men. I vividly remember a black Photogrpaher I use to shoot with a lot and how my pussy would literally be dripping wet while I’d pose for his camera. Here are some examples of a shoot I did for him in 2010

From that experience onwards I knew I was more attracted to black men, but due to the norms of my upbringing and the circles I socialised in I still continued to date white guys until 2016! I was always left feeling very unfulfilled in every possible way! Always undermined, sex was always one sided (in their favour) they were always threatened by my independence and strong point of views. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to step away from what was expected of me, and do what was right for me!

Despite not being black only until 2018 I had lots of great experiences whilst at University, if not slightly clique. Such as fucking my hot black personal trainer at my local gym. I’d also used dating apps and sites like fab swingers to find local guys to hook up with, I also attended BMFC (black man fan club) an event for women to meet black men, which was always good fun!

In 2017 after giving up white guys in my private life, but still not cutting ties in my professional porn life, I got my QOS tattoo, whilst I was in Las Vegas. I guess this was a big turning point for me and within a few months I had made the jump to stop shooting with white guys as well.

This was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m sure there has been a notable improvement in my videos since having the sex I want to have on camera rather than what I’m told to do. I feel so lucky to be able to travel the world hooking up with incredibly hot men!

I’m not going to lie, being an adult actress has definitely given me access to some of the most beautiful black guys around the world! Jason Luv, Rob Piper, Louis Smalls, and Richard Mann to name a few!

King Louie Smalls

I’m so glad I went black only, I have lost fans over it, but I have gained many that I value so much more! I love the messages a receive regularly from men and women saying I gave them the courage to take the jump too! I will continue with my black only life style and be loud and proud about it.

How to avoid scams

Fortunately as a more established sex worker this isn’t something I have as much of a problem with any more but scams can be a real problem both for sex workers and also for fans of sex workers so I’m going to cover a few of the most common scams and how to avoid them!

Fake profiles!

So one common scam is for a scammer to make a fake profile (catfish) of a popular model then reach out to their fans for help or to sell items that don’t actually exist! Some little tips for spotting fake profiles are

  • How old is the profile? If it’s new the chances are it’s fake.
  • Do they follow way more people than they have follow them? Chances are the scammer has just followed everyone that already follows the real profile!
  • Do they post to their story? It’s quite hard to fake real candid story posts (not impossible though) so if the account doesn’t post to their story chances are it’s fake.
  • Most models know other models in the industry so check for interactions in the comments and stories from other models.
  • It’s also a good idea to check the models official profiles as they will probably post about any fakes!
  • I’m also always happy to receive messages from my fans if they want to check if a profile is real or not!

Fake payments!

This is a problem sex workers have to deal with a lot! Fans reading this may gain some insight into why we can be quite specific about how we receive payment! I can’t begin to explain how degrading and hurtful it is to provide a sexual service to then discover you were scammed and won’t be receiving payment!

Sex workers should always make sure any funds or items sent as payment are received before providing the service. For example some people fake bank or cash app deposit screen shots that will never clear into your account. Some people send amazon wish list items but delay delivery so they can cancel after they have received their service. It’s also worth mentioning Paypal payments for goods and services can be reversed. PayPal isn’t sex worker friendly at all and I don’t recommend it as a payment method.

Another scam to look out for is fans asking for “test video calls” or “preview pictures” before they send payment. You do not need to prove yourself to a fan in this way. 90% of the time they have no intention to pay and are just looking for freebies. I usually point people to my onlyfans if they are looking for recent photos of myself.

I do appreciate that some fans get scammed by paying upfront and then not receiving what they paid for. To avoid this I would recommend doing your research on the model, do they present themselves professionally? Is it in their interest to maintain a good reputation? It should be quite easy to check a models social media and get a good idea as to how likely it is that they will scam you. Most professional sex workers value having a good reputation and it wouldn’t be worth ruining a career over stealing a payment.

I hope this information helps everyone to avoid future scams. Do let me know if you want help or advice on anything else like this.