Onlyfans Tips 3

I have had a lot of feedback regarding problems you experience using onlyfans.

Quite a few of these problems have solutions so I wanted to write this post to help you.

A lot of you complain about receiving messages from accounts your no longer subscribed to. This happens because these accounts follow you. There are two ways to fix this.

  1. Set a subscription price for your profile and I can assure you they will stop following you.
  2. Restrict the account to stop getting unwanted inbox messages

you do this by going to a message from them. Tapping the 3 dots in the top corner and selecting restrict. See the screen shot below.

Another problem I hear a lot is that it’s difficult to find videos your looking for. There is in fact a search function.

There is a search bar on the top right, you can search for users and posts, just type in your search term – see the screen shot below.

Then select posts and all posts that have your search term in the description will appear

A lot of you also seem confused about what you can talk about in messages on Onlyfans.

I suggest checking out the Terms of Service on the link below but I’ve also included a screen shot with the most important points below.

I also receive feed back that videos are too short – I try to post a variety of lengths to cater for different peoples budgets. My general rule of thumb is $1-2/min, so this would mean the longer the video the more it costs.

The final point I want to address is Advertising other girls. I really limited the promotion as much as possible and at most post one a day. These adverts only appear for one day generally. So the best way to avoid them is Just go to my profile feed and scroll down one post. There will be no more adverts further down. It’s always literally just the top post each day.

It’s really essential I post adverts as it’s the only way we can help you find other accounts you may be interested in, as there is no good features to find new profiles on Onlyfans.

I hope you have found this post helpful!

Drop your comments below


Ad x

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