Wine Tasting: Bordeaux

Today we are looking at Le Grand Chai, Bordeaux, 2019.

So what can we work out from the label?

The Vintage: 2019 a very good year. Long dry Summer and harvest

The good weather should give fruity ripe black berry, red berry, aromas and flavours. flavours should be concentrated and pronounced as dry weather would prevent dilution.

Application Bordeux contrôle: This is what’s know as the AOC, the AOC shows the origin of where the grapes were grown, as well as that, each AOC has its own rules, for example Bordeaux vine yards can only grow Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc, or Sauvignon, Semilion and Muscadelle for white Bordeaux. Application Bordeux contrôle is quite broad AOC as it covers the whole of Bordeaux rather than a specific district, for example Appellation Saint- Emilion Controle would mean the the grapes specifically came from Saint- Emilion. The fact this wine has been made from grapes from all across Bordeaux, would lead me to expect it to not be as high quality as a single estate wine, but this is also reflected in the price point. Around £13. You could easily pay three figures for a Margaux Premier Cru for example.

Not that its reverent to this “Generic Bordeaux” but here is a tiny bit of info on the whole left bank right bank thing if you are confused by it.

Left Bank ( includes Saint-Estephe, Pauillac, saint Julien and Margaux) Left bank wines generally are higher Cabernet Sauvignon, which is a grape that has thick skins, which are harder to ripen fully, The left bank has a lot gravel soils which hold head and help ripen the grapes. Caubernet Sauvignons thick skins give the wines high tanins and structure, which give the wines ageing potential.

Right bank (Includes Saint Emilion, Pomerol) theses wines have a higher Merlot percentage, as its harder to fully ripen Cab Sauv on the right bank. Merlot is much softer, than Cab Sauv.


Body: Medium
Acidity: Medium as a result of fully ripe fruit
Aromas/ Flavours: Red and Black fruit, spicy oak from 9 month in French oak barrels.
Tannis: high from Cab Sauv
Alcohol: above 14% – high
Sweetness: dry

Next week we will be looking at New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

be sure to check out my instagram at 6pm GMT Thursday for live tasting!

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